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Thokk glove

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Free index finger

Thokk glove

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Free index finger gloves designed in collaboration with Dario "THOKK" Magnani from Societa dei Vai. THOKK model was primarily designed for use with one handed weapons like: rapiers, sideswords, messers and sabres. However, many competitors and HEMA practitioners use them for longsword, appreciating comfort of free movement of index finger.
What distinguishes our gloves is an excellent finger protection and phalanges on each side - even in case of hits "from the front".
--> Made of hot-formed styrogum, covered with durable cowhide
--> Offer excellent protection for all fingers, thumb included
--> Separate index finger allows comfortable hilt grip
--> Hourglass-shaped cuff attached with a strap of folded, pierce resistant fabric (800N)
allowing articulation and keeping wrists safe
--> Additional padding option included in every pair

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